a shot, a nasty mouth, and some good friends

welcome to wednesday my 7lb 1oz little bird!!! (i'm pretty sure that's largemouth bass size uncle randy. :)

it wasn't a very good day for her today though. she had her synagis shot, as well as a blood draw to check her sodium levels. both went off without a hitch, but left her pretty pooped out. (sodium and potassium levels were fine. they worry about these because of the diuretics. babies on oxygen have to be on diuretics. don't ask me why- they just do. so, anyway, she went home on the diuretics, but not on any electrolyte replacement. they just wanted to make sure everything was ok- and it was.) i did find a pro-vaccination point: mommy break. she slept all afternoon. we both got to take a nap- mommy needed one more than she did. maybe i should do this every few months...hmmm...

yesterday her mouth exploded in white yeasty nastiness. she had a bit of white on her
tongue before we even left the nicu. (about 15 days ago.) i asked around about it, but they told me that i would have it on my nipples as well if it was something to worry about. apparently thrush is something to be lovingly shared between mommy and baby. well, it wasn't getting worse, and it seemed like it was just after eating, so i assumed it was milk related. then... yesterday... oh.. my poor baby! it's covering her little mouth, around her lips, and even on her cheeks! talk about guilt. (i'm sure this is just the first of many errors along the caring for kids way.) so, apparently i have yeast resistant super nipples. still no signs of thrush on me. weird. i'm yogurting up anyway. the probiotics can only help. (and yes, i mean topically applying yogurt to affected areas.) they Rx'd her some nistat... in a cream for her bum, as well as a liquid for her mouth. i've just taken to dipping the bink in the stuff and giving it to her.. she spreads it around and it's easier to get her to take it that way. i hope it offers her some relief. her eating has been a little off for the past 24 hours or so... i suppose it's because eating has got to be stinkin' uncomfortable. in the interim i've been pumping and giving her bottles... that way i can sanitize them to prevent recontamination. i've also been switching the dummies every few hours or so. ( after a bit of nistat.) i use the  bottle warmer every day. anyway.- it's super convenient.
i looked for gentian violet, and wasn't able to find it so far. apparently it's been linked to cancer when used in large doses for extended periods of time... but according to my best friends at the FDA there has been no significant link as of yet. i plan to use it.. just use it sparingly. i'm also going to get some teeny little baby probiotics... we'll see what i come up with.

we went for a little nicu visit last night... and got to see lots of our favorite nurses. (some of which will hopefully be doing some guest blogs here in the near future.) it was weird to be back there, but nice knowing we could leave together whenever we wanted to. i miss my nurse friends... and wren apparently missed them too... she was happy as a clam to be held and passed around. it was especially nice to see her very first primary nurse (hi jeanette!) who'd been on leave for a month or so. i think wren's gained like 3 pounds since she saw her last.  we'll have to do it again.. next time with cupcakes and pictures.


Anonymous said...

When you use gentian violet, you use it REALLY REALLY sparingly. I heard that same thing but after using it you realize you use SUCH a tiny amount that it could never amount to anything.

It STAINS LIKE WHOA. I put a pad in my sons bed (for drool and whatnot), constantly put him in a bib, and he wore navy blue or black for the time we used it.

But it worked really well, so as far as that goes, I was happy with it.

And I found it at an old fashioned pharmacy (not like Rite Aid, but like an old neighborhood one) and just asked the pharmacist. He had it behind the counter even though it's not prescription.

Meghan said...

I tortured my mom with Thrush...she still talks about how I was always getting it : )
And we've been using that bottle warmer since caden was a week old--best $19 or whatever it cost that we ever spent. Beats heating up formula in a bowl of hot water when you have a screaming infant!

Jessica B said...

Hayden had a white tongue for a couple months when we brought him home. It never turned into thrush. It just cleared up on it's own.

wrensmommy said...

thanks for the tip C Lo! i heard that it's actually used to mark people before surgeries... that it stains skin and everything else!

the bottle warmer is definitely great... i use it to sanitize all her binks.and to warm up expressed milk after it's been frozen or in the fridge. did yours turn a weird brown color on bottom?

jess- when i was reading it said that most often thrush isn't bad in infants and resolves itself within a few weeks... of course, we're just not that lucky. i blame all the anitbiotics she had to be on. her little system is all out of whack.

Jana L Sirois said...

Wanted to tell you I am really looking forward to meeting Wren!!