sept 6- stupid monkey

i'm trying to get it off my back...
reglan's the monkey i'm talking about.... reglan! of all things to have a problem with.

i (stupidly, and unnecessarily) started taking it 3 days ago to boost my supply. it's an off label use for the anti-gas/heartburn medicine... and boy does it work. i went up from my normal 120ml+ to 200ml+ each pumping. and having to pump after i fed her to feel empty. take that ob/gyn that wouldn't prescribe it to me.
the Rx said to start it with 1/day, then 2/day, then 3/day, take 3 for a few days then taper off... 3/day, then 2/day then 1/day for a few days then none.
today i didn't take any at all- ugh. let me tell you, that was STUPID! you really should follow the instructions on the bottle people. i knew it had a possible side effect of depression, so i thought i'd just try to keep good tabs on my temperament and mood. i realized my supply was more than adequate, and not wanting the negative side effects, decided to stop taking it.
so, by 11am this morning i was reaaaaaallly feeling it. nausea, headache, lethargic, just overall sickly. i felt like i just might die. (ok, that may be an exaggeration) i asked the doc in the nicu if the reglan could cause all that. (knowing that i had been a naughty girl and not followed the Rx.) shocker: yes, it could. apparently reglan is a dopamine blocker. AND, after doing some research i found this. perfect!

verdict: it REALLY works to boost supply. but only use it as a last resort... and be sure to follow the instructions folks.


Jessica B said...

I have a friend who has used Motillium and recommended it to me.

wrensmommy said...

i think i'm going to just let it ride... see where my body takes me, without any drugs. :) (maybe some herbs if needed.)