july 11- my swaddled baby

guess who maintained her body temp today while swaddled??!! my little 1270 gram bird! for those unfamiliar with a nicu, the isolettes have a setting that changes the temp based on her temp. they can't be wearing clothes while on that setting. she did just fine in her little outfit from auntie tiffany swaddled all day! the night nurse, a negative nancy, said that she needed to conserve her energy, and stripped her down. :( but, guess who gets to do a nasal canula "sprint" tomorrow!??? yay! she'll get an hour on the nasal canula if she'll tolerate it. :) the nc will give her oxygen, but no pressure, so she's responsible for expanding her lungs all the way by herself. cross your fingers that it goes well. all of our prayers have been answered so far... i hope she gets out of the nicu without any major hiccups.
the negative nancy nurse said that "they" don't expect her to do well, they're just trying it out. what a turdface. some people really suck. my bad nurse blog posting is in the works- soon. her feedings over an hour are going great, no major apnea, bradys, or desats, and she is awake more and more! I've been reading all about what a 1-2 month old should be doing- and she seems to be on schedule. which could be a fluke, because they say we should go by her adjusted age rather than chronological. but hey, if she wants to be caught up- that's fine by me!

grandad changing a nappy

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Torie said...

When my son was in the NICU we had a negative Nancy too and I basically had to learn to ignore her and realize that her life must be worse than mine! I actually told her I felt sorry for her after I had a few other not so nice words for her one night! We also but in a request with the head nurse that the neg nurse not be allowed to care for our son. It worked! Keep your head up girl and remember that Wren will grow stronger and stronger every day as long as u are happy and positive around her and let her know she is loved every minute you can!