july 5 kangaroo care

she's actually started tracking a little... she'll look at us, and really loves it when she finds her hand in front of her face. :)

napping with mommy


Jason and Misty said...

I can tell she has grown! I'm so glad that her tests are coming back normal especially the ultrasound on her head.

I must ask.. are you doing okay. You look so skinny in the pic. Make sure you are getting your share of protein, carb fruits and veggies. Especially since you are a pumping maniac!

The mommy kicked in! We love you and are praying for you and yours daily!

girl said...

haha...you're so funny! skinny! i hadn't been eating enough lately, just 1 or 2 healthy meals a day.

i thought i'd do a post about it. we've just been busy, i wasn't trying to diet or anything. but my supply went way down- like half! i started eating all the time and now my supply is back up. :)

i'm still feeling a little depressed. but mostly angry. the nurse issue is really hard for me right now. someone else caring for my child is hard enough- but especially when they're idiots! but i'll work through it. i always do. :)