day 33- july 6... down to 10

they turned wren's sipap machine down to 10 puffs a minute today. her blood gases came back great again. so, despite her frequent desats, they decided to turn down the breaths. she is desating just the same amount on 10 that she did on 20. (that she did on 30 and 35. :) hopefully they'll have her on cpap before too long.

i got to kangaroo tonight. she desated and had apnea randomly throughout the hold. it's really annoying! i guess she gets so comfortable she quits breathing. perfect. i still got to hold her for about an hour. she also was on the "prong type" cpap. (the one that goes up her nose and makes her look like a bat.)she had caked boogers all around it. (which means they were probably in her nostrils as well... and she pooped. haha... she did the same thing with thadd yesterday. i forgot to mention it. she desats for about 10-15 minutes... then poops... then jumps way up and sats high. :) our little super pooper.

when the nurse put her back she changed out her mask, suctioned her boogies, thadd changed the diaper (2nd one tonight), and she started sating at 100% almost immediately.

we took pictures... but i forgot the camera! shocker! i took some of her micro-preemie outfits up to the hospital to do a little fashion show. the nurse forgot about it and tucked her all in... so i said we'd wait until tomorrow... and put them under her isolette... with the camera. NICE! :)

tomorrow is the head ultrasound... PRAY she's still clear of the IVH.

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