july 22- first bath night

i'll post the pictures of the bath tomorrow...there are so many i have to edit them down...
in the mean time:

this is how she was when we came in tonight. the awesome nurse had her bundled and on cannula for us while she read to her. what a dearheart!
here's wren all cleaned up with some clothes on. we went ahead and took them off before we left... but she's so cute in them!

today they moved wren to 3 hours on cpap/3 hours on cannula. she did good today. we'll see how long she can keep up that pace. i'm worried that it may be too much for her. but, she's proven me wrong so far! what a little fighter. while they're doing the sprints at 3 on 3 off they want me to hold off on the nns. :( i guess that's ok. i'm just bummed because i wanted to get that part started. i long for that interaction between mother and baby. (of course, i know there will probably come a time... 6 months down the road... when i'm grumpy about being woken to feed at 3am or something... but those days are much in the future for me now.)
i am also moderately perterbed that, yet again, a different doctor started his rotation and now we're going a different direction. you'd think i'd be used to it. oh well.
wren has had her primary nurses the past several days in a row. i'm spoiled! things have been going so great! i won't know what to do with myself when we get a crappy nurse again!
the bath was great... a success by all accounts. (she ended up less stinky, and got a little baby massage. what could be better?) she didn't mind the water so much as the washing part. (thadd says if she keeps it up she's going to be "that kid" in middle school. hehe... :) more about the bath tomorrow. there are a ton of pictures i have to upload.... but off to bed now.

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katie said...

i have the BEST primary family ever!!! had so much fun with you guys last night and absolutely love getting to experience wren's "firsts" along with you. can't wait to see the pics of the bath! i think we should take a pic of auntie katie with wren so she can be on the blog. :) have a great day charla...see you tonight!!