day 30- drama in the nicu

tonight wren scared the crap out of us. her primary nurse had her today. (this is a nurse who is supposed to have her most of the time, and know her the best.) she did FABULOUS! she was sating great at 28%! no big news during the day.

this afternoon we head up to the hospital. it starts with wren being a little finicky. then thadd did kangaroo care. before care she started crying... which is really unusual. (she usually doesn't cry unless she's actually being hurt- by heel sticks, or pulling tape off.) thadd only got to hold her for about 20 minutes... the nurse decided because of her desats she needed to go back. she just kept desating. and crying. i convinced the nurse to put her on her belly. (this is ANOTHER new nurse.)

wren snuggled in with daddy

she did better but continued crying sporadically and trying to crawl out of her little nest. i finally convinced the nurse after about 15 minutes that it wasn't normal. she was desating on 50% oxygen! (after being at 28 all day. not normal.) she called the doctor over... they did an exam, and said she wasn't having good lung sounds. that the right side wasn't getting really any air. they went through a big process... lots of people involved... respiratory therapists, doctors, nurses.... here's the picture.. it was a scary one for her parents:

they decided that her airway was a little restricted from boogers and inflammation. she's getting a nasal spray.. and hopefully people will be a little more diligent in booger suction!

i called later tonight and the nurse said she had had a few more spit ups. (there was some debate, mainly between me and the nurse, that she had spit up earlier. the nurse had absentmindedly pulled out her feeding tube earlier, and attributed the milk in her mouth to that.) this is her first time with reflux. it's really normal for babies, preemies especially. they think the inflammation and the reflux are probably what upset her so much tonight. when we called about an hour ago she was down to 38%. the x-ray they took came back normal. her complete blood count (cbc) came back normal... as did her test for infection. the nurse said she was doing ok, but still desating, and her and the doctors decided to turn her on her stomach. (wow- she is a genius! i told her time and time again... and they "decided" it might help her. psh.) she's still having a few little desats, but nothing big. she's very happy now.
what a roller coaster ride! today i also hung a form that one of the nurses gave me to fill out. it has all wren's likes and dislikes on it. if only i could get the nurse to read it! the nurse tonight was very kindhearted... even hugged me as we left. (if she knew how i felt about hugging she wouldn't have tried!) anyway, my point is: there is a balance in health care! as much as i appreciate someone who will love wren... i need someone who isn't a complete dunce medically and can treat her. this nurse was VERY sweet and doting, but didn't know how to "bag" her when the doctor needed her to. she couldn't figure out the life saving device! i mean, that seems like something important! and she wouldn't change wren's mask. she wanted RT to do it. and she didn't know many of the numbers and medications the doctors were asking her about. and ALL that would be fine if she would just have said she didn't know, or wasn't comfortable with it, etc. but she didn't. she hem hawed around and tried to cover it by busying herself with other things. i am definitely not ok with that. i've decided i would rather have the ice queen nurse. (that's what i call her) who is very efficient and knows her stuff. (and is gentle with wren, but not cooing.) oh well, seems like it's a toss up everyday. only 2 more months!!! tomorrow is wren's 1 month birthday! we're going to celebrate in style. i hear some people are even putting together fireworks. :)

here she is with her big girl binky after all the excitement. they've upgraded her to the full size preemie binky. :) she can't hold it in, but she sure does go to town on it!


Betsy in ar said...

instead of her likes and dislikes,I want you to put up a sign that says, I know she's your patient, but she's our daughter.
Put up some quote each day about something then at the bottom put up a note such as wren likes to be on her tummy, etc. By putting up something silly, they'll all want to come over and be her nurse and then maybe you might get a consistent nurse.
(hey, don't worry, I am full of unsolicited advice, just ask me. Wait, you don't have too! LOL)

girl said...

thanks betsy.. that's a great idea! i'm going to give it a try!