june 30

today she got switched to cpap. all this time I thought she was already on cpap- but she was on sipap. (i'm a bad mom.) they switched her today to the cpap, which gives positive pressure, but not breaths.
they also switched her feedings to 22.5ml over 2 hours every 3 hours. the day nurse said she was doing really great- sating high and weened to the 30s on o2 levels. but tonight while I was there she was having a higher number of de-sats than I'm used to. the nurse said this could be because of the feeds. sure enough we did great on her hour off. :) they've been switching her little masks and prongs around a lot lately. she's between sizes so she's losing a lot of the support out he sides. hope she grows soon! she was up 10g tonight- but that is with the cpap on. they've been weighing her with it off mostly lately- so that number isn't very accurate.
nothing else to report. :) I'm going to kangaroo tomorrow- yay!

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