july 28- the real bath

today was uneventful. as expected, wren's oxygen needs have decreased. her blood transfusion finished this morning without event. they aren't upping her feeds until wed morning at 7am. she's going to start back at 15ml. i'm sure she'll sleep like a baby with a full belly!

the day shift didn't communicate to the night shift that it was unnecessary to give her another IV. the fellow had said it was ok to just stop her fluids and use the same IV site to administer the blood. (since it was only going over a period of 3 hours.) well, one of the IVs went out late this evening, so she would have had to have 2 anyway.

they had a set of emergency twins born today, so our family meeting got moved to tomorrow afternoon... i really need to work on my list of questions! eeek! any ideas?

this evening i got to give her a bath. not a sponge bath this time either! :) a fully fledged tub bath. (granted, it was in the same type of tub that i used to puke in in the labor and delivery ward...nice huh?) she really didn't seem to mind. she just seemed interested, and maybe a little concerned. we got all the cheesy yuck from behind her ears, in her neck rolls, and the creases of her legs.. this bathing thing is really complex! :)
her sprint went awesome. again, her oxygen needs are much less. she was on her back, on the nasal cannula, on 40ish percent!

i'll post more pictures when i wake up in the morning. they're super cute- and there are so many!

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Meghan said...

LOL her face is hilarious! I LOVE giving the baths....Caden loves them! Plus they smell so good right after : )

I'll try and get those clothes to betty this weekend--our going away party is Saturday and I think they'll be there.