07.20.09- she tanked

today wren got put on 4 hours twice daily on the nasal cannula. her crit is low again. down to 26 from 27. it's definitely trending downwards. hopefully she won't need another transfusion. we're crossing our fingers.

i came in this afternoon and she hadn't had her sprint for the morning... so i decided to wait until thadd could be there so we could do the nns. (they want the sprints pretty close to 12 hours apart. so if i was there at 2, she probably wouldn't be up to sprinting again at 7.)
the day was uneventful. she did fabulous on her cpap again. in the low 30s while on her back. here's a picture of her on her back snuggled in with her beanie babies.

this evening there was a miscommunication about when we were coming in, so the nurse put her on cannula at 7. (thinking we were coming in at 8.) really, we were coming in at 10! so we arrived after about 3 hours of sprinting. she was on 60% on her back. (which isn't terrible, but not great.) i pumped, got the screen out, put on my robe... and got her out... she never came back up from the desats when we got her back. in fact, she turned dusky, sated in the high 40s and had to get a breath from the bag. (the oxygen mask with the bag attached.) the nurse really gave her the benefit of the doubt too... she tried everything... but she was just too tired. she was really working hard to breathe too- you could see her little muscles going in under her ribs. i think 4 hours might be too long for her for now. i guess we'll see what happens tomorrow.. i'm going to try again- at the beginning of her sprint!

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