clean baby pictures

doesn't she look concerned?
she really enjoyed the bath in the water better than the sponge bath. i would recommend one over the other. it really was a bit easier with her in the water as well.
funny story: i was showing these pictures to a friend who delivered her (term) baby just a week or so after i delivered wren in the same hospital. she was looking at them and then said, "wait, isn't that.....". haha! she recognized the puke bucket! :) apparently she got to use the grey bucket during her delivery. she was still amazed that we're able to bathe wren in it.


Pogue Fam said...

What a CUTIE!!! I love her facial expressions hehe :) I am so happy for you guys. Lee and I think of you guys often, and pray that Wren keeps coming along wonderfully.

Paula Maurine said...

aw she is so beautiful.. i always loved doing the baths..i suggest keeping one of those tubs when you leave the hospital they come in handy as storage bins for socks and shoes and bibs and such!