july 21- no luck at latching

but she didn't choke! which is a start.
she did great on her sprint today... both times. and made it through the 4 hours this morning only needing about 40%.

check out this super cute hat that auntie elizabeth made me! it's perfect!!!

daddy almost caught me smiling!

we had our bestest this evening and went in around 10 so we could have some quiet. i pumped while she finished her feed. (still 28ml over an hour every 3 hours.) i was SO nervous to try the nns. but it went ok. i have, of course, NO IDEA what i'm doing. but it was nice just to see her in that position. she managed to suck a little... but not latch. (which is to be expected.) the general consensus is that my nipples are a little big for her. she couldn't really even get her mouth around them. especially after i pumped. they get ginormous. (yes that's how you spell it. i googled it to make sure.) maybe some of you ladies could help me with this logistical problem?(specifically preemie mommies.) i think if she was hungry instead of full and tired it might work a little better too. but my husband is convinced that it is physically impossible for her to get enough of it in her mouth to latch. not that he fully understands all that anyway. she pretty much just sucked a little and fell asleep. it's ok for now. we'll just keep practicing. i'm happy to of at least been a comfort to her. she can't start breastfeeding for a while..so we've got some time.
bath time is tomorrow! :) it was too late tonight and thadd and i both have pre-6am mornings tomorrow...er...today. he actually fell asleep while holding her. it was super cute. he did a sleep jump in front of the nurses. we all had a good laugh.. and wren didn't even desat.

i'm off to get my 4 hours of sleep!


Anonymous said...

She's so cute I can't even stand it. What a cute little teeny hat. It's going to be pretty crazy to pull that hat out when she's 10......

Carolyn at Freedom Air said...

So exciting that Wren is starting these new things!! I don't know about breastfeeding a premie but I'm sure in time it will work! Love,

Carolyn at Freedom Air said...

ps the pictures are Great! Caden is looking at them with me and is very excited :o)

Gabe's Mom said...

Gabe was born at 26 weeks, and 4 days, with the same stats as wren.
We are hoping to try breastfeeding or even just suckling soon. His CO2 levels are usually in the 70s and higher, and oxygen needs have been in the 50s and higher on the high-flow and CPAP. His lungs are the biggest problem for us.
Wren is adorable, and it amazes me at how small she looks! I don't think you really notice with your own.
We'll keep updated with your blog and track little Wren's progress. By the way... I was shocked they let you be in there for the eye exam! We're not supposed to stay for them. Gabe is getting his second hopefully today.

girl said...

the lungs are a preemie's misery! it's been back and forth and back and forth for us. she just really turned a corner the past week. (knocks on wood.) wren kept having to be switched to SiPAP.. has he been on that?

believe me gabe's mom- the eye exam is brutal to watch. i had to look away even when i was containing her or holding her hand. we pretty much just told them from the beginning that we were going to be there for everything. my husband mainly. i'm too sensitive to watch her get hurt. he's watched the IV's, PICC lines, etc... they haven't said no yet. (of course she hasn't needed anything huge.)

Elizabeth said...

I'm thrilled that the hat fit! Looking at previous pics of her before I sent it, I would've sworn that it would be too big still. :) She's sure growing up fast.