may 1- new underwear=new woman!

here are a few updates:
i just want to sleep!!! at night! it would be sooo great! but, god, in his infinite wisdom saw pregnancy as a time for a woman to get ready for having a baby... hehe.. so i guess the tossing and turning and getting up to pee is just all part of it. this month- the body pillow cometh! i'm salivating at the possibility of a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. i'll keep you posted, that morning when i wake up having slept solidly for a night will be big news. (though it may not happen until wren is born and months old)
also, weird thing: i discovered this morning that if i roll over without supporting my belly i pull a muscle in my side. isn't that cool? haha.. i guess it's the little things. maybe i should just sleep in my belly brace so i don't have to worry about it.... sexy!
I GOT A NEW BRA!!!! and it mostly fits!! woo-hoo! i have to tell you, new underwear=new woman! i just keep asking thadd- "don't my boobs look great?" it's pretty funny that i'm WAY more excited about them than he is at this point. (i'm sure that will reverse back to it's natural balance once the newness of the bra wears off. :) i just might order ANOTHER one. scandal! having, not 1, but 2 bras that fit! i ended up going with jcpenny, because they had some decent quality, cheaper options. since i'm not sure where my size will level out i didn't want to drop the big bucks just yet. once my size levels off i'll invest in several nice ones. (what? i'm spoiled now!) it's a great feeling to not have my chest resting on my growing belly!!! it's a 38g. in retrospect i should have gone with an h. the g is really a bit tight right now. but i wanted to shoot under rather than over. the fs were WAY too small and i just wanted anything, RIGHT NOW, that would give me some relief! sidenote: it's a nursing bra as well, and it has really great clasps that you have to pinch to release. they're super supportive and secure. the f nursing bras that i was wearing had a clasp that you just pulled up to release... which is fine, until you pull your strap up, and accidentally release the whole boob in public unintentionally! overall, i'm one happy underwear girl right now. (now.. low rise, soft, cotton, panties anyone?)
i talked to my doc yesterday. (she called in something for my big Y problem... y=yipee-right?) she also gave me the update on my blood work. the last visit i had a blood thickness test and my anti-d antibody checked. good news- the 30mg/twice daily is maintaining a good level of blood thickness. (seriously though, if they said i could just to 60mg/once a day i would be SOOO happy!) bad news- my anti-d is back up to a 2. if you remember, it started as a 2, went down to a 1. they were going to continue to check it until it went to 0. (though they decided it was just residual from the rhogam shot in jan.) now it's back up. she said they don't have to do anything until it gets to 16... so everything is fine for now. she said it also could just be the margin of error for the lab. (good thing to find out- right?) and we'll keep checking it.
today i got a call to reschedule my appointment. it was set for the 11th. (which would have been 3 weeks instead of my normal 2- but they didn't have any other openings.) the scheduler said that the doc wanted to see me for the regular 2, and that she made a slot for me on the 7th. it's not that much earlier- but hey, at least i get to hear that sweet heartbeat sooner. (and i hope there's nothing crazy going on that made her want to see me sooner! seems like they would have shared that with me. right?)
those are the updates.....

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Laura said...

I'm sure there's nothing bad going on. I bet that the doctor just knows you are high-risk and so now that they have an open appt, wanted to slide you into it to keep a watchful eye on you and Wren! :)

Love ya girl!