waiting on the next set of labs- so far so good. my bp is totally fine while laying down. my right upper quad pain isn't bad, and I don't think I'd notice it if it wasn't there.
some good news I may have forgotten to mention:
wren is "practice breathing". this is a really good sign. :) they said it was still early for that and that it means she's "happy" ... haha...
she also has a great heart rate. they said that it's still early to call her "reactive or non-reactive" but the fact that her heart rate increases while she's moving is really good.
her measurements were all increased from last time. (she went from the 18% to around 30%) her head was measuring 27 weeks and some change! :)
all of these things are answered prayers. if they do have to take her soon (early is no longer optional) then these things prepare her for life outside sooner.
we're also really happy that the growth bought her a few more weeks inside! the 28/29week mark was our next big mark to hit.(after that 32 weeks.)
if we can keep this pre-eclampsia at bay everything else is going good for now.


Jason and Misty said...

We are praying for you. My sister jess works in the NICU at a hospital in Atlanta, I was just reading everything to her over the phone. Even though it is still early she was pleased to her you are in your nearly 27th week. You should know that white baby girls are usually the strongest when it comes to early delivery. Of course we are very happy about wren's growth and will be praying for you making it to 32 weeks. Hope you don't have to lay on your side the whole time, but if that is what it takes the end result is well worth it. Love you so much and pray for you daily.

Pogue Fam said...

Hey girl! I have been catching up on your baby news :) I am glad to hear things seem to be going well. Lee and I think of you often. I will have to give you a call sometime!

Laura said...

Good. I LOVE good news!! Keep on cookin', Wren!! :)

Keep us posted. We love you and are praying for you.