l & d antepartum room 1... I'll be here until after 6 tomorrow. no cell service in the room- thadd is quickly tiring of going downstairs to update via phone. :) 808-433-3872 comes straight to me if you need to call.
my blood hemolized (sp?) last time they took it (about 4ish) so they just drew more to repeat the labs.


Stacy Godfrey said...

Keep us posted. If you need anything....a girls day out (or night), a shoulder to cry on or talk to. Please let me know. You all our in our prayers. I know this is a hard time for you and it seems like a hard struggle, but God does have a plan. You may not see it now. We love you!!!!!! Just remember that :)

meghan said...

praying : ) keep us posted!

ACrume said...

Hey hang in there, sleep and rest as much as you can and do relaxing breathing through your nose it warms the hairs which relax your nervous system as someone who has been where I just remember singing tis so sweet to trust in jesus...and knew everyone was praying for us and everyone is praying for you all!and early babies can do very well...Miles was born 30 weeks with a birthdefect ...we love you all so much and prays going up!!!!