urine protein came back normal. I had a few docs in last night to talk to me... between the mag and the benadryl/compazine I can't really remember who they were or most of what they said... but they took me off the mag!!! all my labs are ok and continue to look good. my 0430 ones should be back pretty soon and hopefully the good news will continue! since everything is looking so good I can hopefully go home sooner. I miss my dog! and being able to toss and turn freely without having to adjust cords and monitors. any pregnant woman knows the necessity of tossing and turning for good sleep. :)
we got to hear for the first time wren's hiccups. I wouldn't have known what the sound was- but the nurse was in and told us. the way she was positioned I could feel it too! (of course I never would have known what it was this early if I hadn't been told. :)
thanks to everyone for the prayers. it seems the lord has blessed us for another few weeks.

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ACrume said...

Sounds good..we r praying she stays in and you are stable..we love u and will come visit when I am well...u r all on our hearts andin r prayers