may 27- doc appt

today was my appt. my regular doc that i've been seeing every 2 weeks didn't have any openings, so i saw another doc who i really like. here's the updates:

bp- 138/97 30 minutes later- 141/96
weight- 190
fundal height- 24.5
fetal heart rate- 144
i do not have gestational diabetes- yipee! praise the LORD!!! one thing i DON'T HAVE!
my anti-d antibody is now officially negative!
i have to start on iron supplements now.

as you probably noticed the blood pressure is above the "mark" for when to be worried. (140/90)
this, accompanied by the headache that i've had for about 5 days now, the transient abdominal pain, as well as the swelling led the doctor to want to do more tests. so, i got sent to labor and delivery triage today after my appointment. blerg.

and, since my bp was elevated they were nicer to me than usual. i've gone round and round with these people in the past... i'm sure, in their defense, they see many a crazy pregnant woman... but i have a history of eclampsia/hellp syndrome and am high risk due to my APS- so they need to cut me some slack! by the end of the visit they were less than pleased to be helping me. (and i was less than pleased to be there almost 5 hours later!!)

this is what happened. before triage i went to the lab and had a blood draw for my liver, as well as a urinalysis. (they check for protein in the urine.) then i went to triage and checked in. they took my bp there, lying down, on my side, (as opposed to sitting), and it was normal every single time. not even elevated! so weird! i think the final one was 116/62. they also monitored wren's heart rate and she was fine as well. all of my labs came back normal. so that's good news!
i explained that i've had this headache, worse in the mornings, for several days now, and that it doesn't go away. went through this big rigmarole to get a Rx for compazine/benadryl and then remembered that thadd and i drove separate cars!! so i couldn't even take it! (and i have an Rx at home, and my headache was really only at a 2/10... not even bad... it's only really bad in the mornings- which i also told them.) so... they let me go even though i had a headache, said to come back if anything gets worse.
hehe... i've heard that before. cue the eerie foreshadowing music... all of my labs were normal 2 days before i was in liver failure with max!!

sidenote: you probably don't remember, but my fundal height was 23.5 last time. the first time he measured it today he got 24. then i told him what it was last time and he said "let me do that again" and got 24.5.... the margin on the fundal height measurement is +/- 2 weeks per centimeter. sooo.. i'm 26.5 weeks, and in a perfect world my fundal height would be the same... as it is, it's within the limits of normal... but still low. :(

he did give me more confidence that i'm probably not going to have to have a c-section tomorrow or anything. that even if they give me the steroids that they really want to try and wait to 32 weeks. but, that it still could happen that they have to take her sooner.... please keep me and wren in your prayers. we appreciate all of them!

tomorrow evening i'll have another post to update after our growth scan.

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ACrume said...

So glad for this update..one day at a time..praying all the time..we love you guys..