may 13- so far so good

we've been moving for the past few days, and finally got our internet up and running yesterday.. here's the update from my appointment on monday:

bp- 132/81
weight- +4lb (3 weeks since my last appt. after this weeks check-up i should gain about 1.5lbs a week.)
wren's heartrate- 140
fundal height-23.5

the swelling has begun! on sunday by the time i got home after church, lunch, and errands my feet had an indention from the straps on my (once loose) sandals. :( ick. and last night i had to take my wedding ring off, it woke me up it was so tight.
bring on the foot rubs! :)

ultrasound friday! stay tuned for more pictures!

other updates:
due to my anti-d antibody going back up i will now be having doppler ultrasounds every other week. (along with my growth scans every 4 weeks) the doppler ultrasounds will monitor wren's blood flow to her organs and make sure she hasn't developed anemia.
then at 32 weeks, as i've said before, i'll go to bi-weekly non stress tests, and weekly ultrasounds.

my vision is TERRIBLE!!! i thought it was bad before, but pregnancy has really definitely changed my opinion of bad vision.

wren has switched schedules. she's now the most active between 4am-6am. woo-hoo! this is a habit i would LOVE for her to kick before she decides to make an appearance. she's waking me up a lot. but, then again, i am poking at her a lot during the day... if she's still for a while i get worried and poke around on her until she kicks me back. :)


Missy said...

Don't plan on Wren's schedule changing too much until she is about a month old. Last night I was up with Ashley about every 2 hours because she slept too much during the day.

Jessica B said...

Don't worry. Hayden was always most active at my bedtime when he was in the womb. Now that's when he's the least active.