may 5- dishwater hands, magoo vision, memory loss and waking up in puddles

nice! on top of all the other wonderful symptoms i'm enjoying, i just found out a week or so ago that the itchy palms i have are actually hormone induced! isn't that amazing? itchy soles of my feet too. it's not all the time, and it's not too terrible... but it's a little weird. i thought that i'd had a reaction to some random environmental things starting about a month or so ago. i never could figure out what it was though. now i know.

on a brighter note- i really have no business driving anymore. i keep telling thadd this, i don't know if he quite believes me, or thinks i'm shirking out on driving. (but, i suppose he's not willing to risk it since he always takes the wheel.) i normally should wear glasses or contacts (and don't) but i would definitely need a new Rx these last few months... it just seems to get worse and worse... does it come back?

and who could forget the fact that i've now lost my cell phone a total of 5 times in the last 3 days- IN MY HOUSE! i'm not what you would call "responsible" per say at my non-pregnancy best... but with pregnant brain i am HOPELESS!!! i'm making lists, then making lists to remember to check my lists.

the puddles i'm referring to aren't the wet myself kind (this time)... but the drooled on myself kind. i can only sleep for a few hours at a time and, inevitably, when i wake up, my face is in a puddle. sometimes if i'm sitting with my mouth open a little dribbles out. WOW! wide awake and drooling!

does any woman ever think that she's going to be "that" pregnant woman? periodic laugh-peeing and drooling.... what have i become? :)

(oooh, and maybe soon i can start leaking colostrum???!! i can't wait!)

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