may 5- connected

i'm now officially a member at thebump.com and babygaga.com. (thanks for thebump recommendation meghan- it's great!)
i've already found 2 other people with APS. what a small community we are! i haven't gotten to chat with them much yet, but hopefully we'll get to talk more soon. at least this will give me a chance to connect with some other high risk moms.
and, of course, everyone who's pregnant loves talking about being pregnant! sorry to all my non-preggers friends if i'm boring you to tears with my posts of yeast infections and waddling... it just seems to be an all consuming, life altering experience. i don't know how you working women do it! it takes just about all the energy i have to:
firstly, grow a baby
secondly, feed and groom myself,
finally, spend whatever's left on my husband/house.

i guess i also really identify with being pregnant. it's a cool thing that women can do- ok? i tried to explain to thadd that "i don't try to put on 80lbs of gear and jog 12 miles... that's for men to do!" so... he has to give me just this little thing that i can do that he can't. :) THEN he gets it! and i've got about 14 more weeks of the "i'm pregnant" response... hopefully i can then use the "i just had a baby" response. what's the timeline for that one, anybody know?

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