feb 6- watching wiggles

it was so amazing over the past few weeks to see the gummy bear grow arms and legs, and then today... to see them moving around!
i had a stomach virus last week. which is not what you want- trust me. apparently i have to get it about once a year. so i spent about 12 hours in the hospital and got 4 bags of fluids. my bilirubin levels were elevated, so i got to get transported to the hospital (from the clinic) in an ambulance. woo-hoo! riding backwards in an ambulance, pregnant, with a stomach virus, on hawaiian roads.. this is also an experience i'll tell you to skip.
they never did find out why my levels were elevated... said it just could be random. so hopefully everything is good with that.
i'm still having some odd cravings and aversions. i guess i'm just going to have to get used to passing on steak for at least the next few months. i've started eating ketchup on my eggs- which i haven't done since i was about 13. and i really can't stand the taste of soda. i keep thinking "mmm.. i'd really like a coke" then i get it and i can only drink a couple of sips.. it's just too sweet and syrupy. ick.
thadd is convinced that the fleck is a girl. mostly due to the fact that i've been a little moody. just a little. with max, and all my prior pregnancies i've been super sweet and so considerate. just as loving as can be. notsomuch this time. :) but i'm trying to not go all crazy pregnant woman on him. :)
i've been having really crazy dizzy spells lately too. i guess i'm like a victorian era woman... just swooning while i'm with child. the doc said it's normal. probably due to all the extra blood my body is starting to have to pump around. he said just not to exert myself, get up slowly... the usual.
i am still periodically having spotting. in fact i was very nervous about my ultrasound today.. that things might not turn out so great. but they did. and the doctor said that some people spot their whole pregnancy.. etc.etc. blah blah... doesn't make me feel any better... blah blah. but at least i'm confident for today. and that's really what i have to do. just take it one day at a time.
as i mentioned above... the weekly ultrasounds should make you jealous. watching the baby grow in such a detailed way is really an amazing experience. we're really happy to be able to follow this baby so closely.
i've had my ob registration appointment. (where they order bloodwork, and you do a ton of paperwork.) and will have my first real ob appt. on feb 20. i got the bloodwork done today. i think they took a pint and a half.
my computer is still on the lam. but i should have it back hopefully early next week.. so i'll be able to keep more updates on here.
again, thanks for all of your support!
i scanned in all my recent pictures- but the lab here on base doesn't have a very good scanner. i'm just going to wait. sorry! i promise to have them up next week! 4 more pictures then!


Meghan said...

Hope you start feeling better soon :( And I am jealous you get an US every week--3 wasn't enough for me. I really wish I'd get another one before I deliver, if for no other reason than I want to know how much he weighs! Can't wait to see your pictures :)

steph said...

I can't wait for the pictures. I hope you get feeling better. That experience in the ambulance sounds awesome...in a completely horrible way of course. And, hey, don't feel bad about the whole dizzy thing. I passed out a couple of times while I was pregnant (all 3 times). Scared Brian to death, and I've never been so embarrassed. You'd think only the wimpy girls would get that, not strong, Army wives like us :)

Kathy said...

Yea for wiggles!
Boo for stomach viruses! Ahh, the roller coaster of pregnancy! Sorry, I probably shouldn't talk about roller coasters, should I.

God bless you all!

Pogue Fam said...

Oh my goodness! Its all so exciting :) As for the dizzy spells, yes, VERY normal. With both girls I went through phases. Just stand up REALLY REALLY slow! I nearly blacked out a few times.... wait, I actually did once. Ha, that was an adventure. You are bringing all sorts of memories back with this stuff. But any ways, glad to hear your little gummy bear is normal :) I think that is super sweet! I will let you know if we get headed that way, but it probably wouldn't be til August... which won't work if your gone will it?