feb 26- the tale of two cities

caution: this is the documented life story of my boobs

sooo.. here's the story: before max, since high school, i'd been wearing a DD. while pregnant with max i got up to about a G. i found G bras at motherhood, in the nursing bra section... no problem!
well, after max, the G's that i had weren't fitting, and the DD's weren't fitting either. so in november i got measured at victoria's secret- THE bra store right?- and they tell me that they don't carry my size. :/ i was practically in tears! the saga of my chest has always been one that depresses me. always having to get up and dress them everyday... not being able to wear "cute" shirts and dresses for fear of disastrous cleavage! anyway... so, victorias secret not carrying my size was equivalent to a death sentence for even more of my clothes!
in december, thadd and i are going through the mall here in hawaii and they have a fredricks. i'd never shopped there before- but hey- there are bras in the window! i go in, get measured, and sure enough, i'm an F now. woo-hoo! they carry my size! and they have cute ones too! (let's be real, we all want cute undies!) and they're relatively cheap! i was happy for like a week!
so i wear the F for mere weeks, then we discover we're pregnant again. my immediate thought (after the pure joy) is- uh oh, i'm going to have to find more bras! so i wear the F and then the Gs and then after a few months the Gs aren't fitting anymore. so, last week, i find a reputable measurement site, (there are lots of sites that can't be trusted- so be careful if you're looking) and get out my tape measure. 38I people! i'm not kidding. that's I as in Igloo! and where does a person find a 38I you may be asking... well, i'm asking the same question!!! i've googled my little heart away and found little to nothing. (and there's certainly no selection for me in styles i'd really wear!) my sister calls most of them "vintage"... like a 20s era cone bra that goes halfway down to your belly button. i just. will. not. wear. that! i just don't go for cone-ish boobs. if you happen to own this bra---------------->
then please take no offense... it's just not for me.
i did find 1 (one!) at lane bryant. now, mind you, they have TONS of cute bras that they carry in a whole gamut of sizes. (like my favorite, 56B!) but they have 1 (yes ONE!) that they carry in 38I. and it was on clearance. so i ordered it immediately. i don't want to buy 3 or 4 and then outgrow them next month. so i just ordered one. nordstrom's had one as well- it was $88. i didn't order that one. (i'm almost that desperate- but not quite.)
jeez, where do i go from here? i wasn't a G with max until the second trimester. so who knows what the fleck will transform me into! i could be an M or something... i shudder to think. i really hope that nursing will bring me back down to a reasonable size. otherwise i'm just going to have to gain a ton of weight to offset a really enormous chest!
resources, anyone? where can i get non-plus sized large cup sizes? pleeeeease help! i'm out of options.
(anyone have the number to omar the tent maker?)


Danielle said...

Charla, your blog has me rolling with laughter. I am addicted to the blog by the way. Have you tried laurensilva.com? I absolutely do not have this problem as no stores have sizes small enough for me. I once was directed to the "training bras" at Target. Humiliation ensued. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Though I am not an I I'm about to outgrow my DD bras and those are hard enough to find! I'm all for starting our own bra business!!! Chris and I went on a bra hnt last night... I left with nothing except anger and resentment :(


Kathy said...

Have you checked Fredrick's again? I know they used to have a sale section in the back and they had ones with rather large cup sizes and small rib sizes. I remember taking note for a friend of mine.
My solution was just the uniboob with the sports bra. They grow with me and they shrink with me. That's what I have used for nursing bras, too, but I know that is not for everyone. I'm just too cheap!

Betsy in ar said...

the bust stop
they have a website and a store in tulsa
there commercials are so funny
I miss you!

girl said...

danielle- i did see laurensilva in my googling... i'm keeping it in my mind as an option.(that's actually where i got that picture from! :)
meagan- just wait till you have a baby!isn't it amazing how much breasts run our lives??!
kathy- i've thought long about the uniboob option.. but it seems the larger they get, the more odd looking the uniboob gets! :)
betsy- you rock and roll. i'm hoping to find some options here.. and it's close to home. i vote we take a bra shopping weekend to tulsa. :)

Jason and Misty said...

Holy Cow I needed that laugh that you provided. thank you! I'm a lane bryant girl. I can't believe a size I, I think my measurements are wrong that's bigger than me. Sorry that wasn't helpful, what I meant to say was....I hope thadd is enjoying himself!! love ya!