feb 23- the appointment

everything went well today. i got a full exam, ick, and everything was where it was supposed to be. they did a pap too. (like, seriously, how many of those things does a girl need?!) my boobs are ok... but i'm supposed to start getting mammograms in a few years, since every woman in my family has had cancer.
after the exam part, i got to go into the dr's office and talk to her for a while about how things will go this time around. she was sooo great. i really love the dr. i have, and she answered all of my questions and is really longsuffering with me.

the game plan:
appointments every 2 weeks for the remainder of the 2nd trimester.
ultrasounds once a month for the remainder of the second trimester.
continue on lovenox and baby aspirin everyday.(my belly says ouch)
taking a set of liver panels and a 24 hour urine sample to get a baseline for comparison later.
possible quad screen. (thadd and i haven't decided if we want that this time around or not.)
beginning 3rd trimester bi-weekly ultrasounds, and fetal heart monitoring at least weekly.

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