feb 18- some of my thoughts.

i have to say.. i saw a heartbeat weeks ago right around 6 weeks.... and i don't know how anyone could look at an ultrasound even from the very earliest ones... and choose to end that life. it's so obviously a child. a living being.
i'm not even quite 12 weeks now. yesterday we saw the brain, the ribs, the spine, all the fingers and toes, we saw the little nose and chin. we saw it all...and by law we could still choose to kill that child. it is a travesty in our world that we allow the most dangerous place for children to be their mother's womb.


Betsy in ar said...

hello? the posts are useless without pictures! BRING THEM ON! I can't wait to see some pics.
Are you guys going to find out the sex? (just incase someone would want to make you something ya know?)
Miss ya!

girl said...

i FINALLY got my computer back.. and now i'm trying to install my printer/scanner and it's not working!!!! frustration!!! :/