feb 18- bo that deserves it's own post.... yes, it's that bad.

typically i don't even bother with deodorant. i know.. it sounds gross.. but i just usually don't need it in my day to day life. well, the last week or so things sure have changed!
i have concerns with aluminum... and clogging my underarms in a way that my body can't do what it really wants to do. (did you know that as people- we're supposed to sweat? imagine that!) so... i looked all over for a non- antiperspirant. just a deodorant please. they have all sorts of them for men... but for women... i guess it's not really feminine to sweat at all! :) i finally found one- and it works great- for about half a day. if i don't shower at least once a day- gasp!- and put on deodorant immediately, and again later... then it's pretty much over with me for the day. let's just say i wouldn't be "sure" enough to play volleyball, or raise my hand in a class, or to hug a friend... or put my arm around my husband.. i smelled so bad yesterday that i think thadd's eyes were watering. hehe...
ahh.. the joys of pregnancy. :)


Kathy said...

They have options at Down to Earth if you are interested. It's still a bit of a crap shoot as to what will work for you, but there are options and they seem to last forever. I have the one I bought when we lived there and I am still using it. Of course, I'm like you, I only use it when I feel inclined.
Now that I think about it, I think they were getting more options in the "natural cosmetics" part of the commissary.
Or...you can just torture Thadd with it. That's always an option.

girl said...

where is down to earth?
i had a crystal that worked for me for a few years... but it's not touching this nightmare stinkiness of pregnancy.
haha! if it was JUST thadd i might do that...but i run the risk of bringing on my nausea as well. :)

Jessica Brown said...

Down to Earth is next door to Circuit City in Pearl Ridge, by the mall

Jessica said...

I too had worse BO when I was pregnant. In fact, I was smellier in every possible way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Charla

I used "Tom's" before...its Aluminum free. I think I had gotten it at Target.