jan 27- everything's good with the gummy bear

we just got back from our dr's appt. we got another ultrasound. the heartbeat was right around 180... this was the first time thadd got to see it. he was super excited!
we got to see the arm buds and leg buds. doc said at this stage the babies look like gummy bears... i see the resemblance. its really going to be exciting to watch the fleck grow and see every little change week by week.
everything is going fine! he said that the subchorionic hemorrhage was "unimpressive" and looked ok. that, coupled with the fact that i haven't had any bleeding, is really reassuring. i did find out that i will only be seeing him until i'm 12 weeks, then i'll process over into the high risk OB department. (he works with infertility and has many patients with APS.)
he said that i'll continue taking my shots and baby aspirin. (which we already knew.) and that the bruising is really typical. he also said that i'll continue getting the shots in my stomach for the remainder of the pregnancy. i was really surprised. it seems odd to (at some point) stick a needle in my big pregnant belly... but he assured me that "even skinny people" have about an inch of skin. so the baby is protected. :)
i'm still having a serious aversion to meats. i almost lost it on the lunch meat isle in the grocery store. and when we went to my appt. they had the cooking channel on... some guy was showing how to take a membrane off a rack of ribs... ick! i was gagging as i walked to the other side of the room. (i'll never understand why the OB clinic has their tv set to cooking... every pregnant woman has some sort of food/smell aversion- right?) the morning sickness is coming and going randomly... cravings are getting more pronounced. the insomnia is a bit much... but i'm going to catch up on sleep eventually.
we have pictures.. but our computer is still broken. :( i'm at the lab on base now, and someone is sitting in the only seat that has access to a scanner... so.. it may be a few days until you can see the gummy bear. check back later this week.
thanks again for everyone's prayers. we're really thankful for the blessing of this healthy pregnancy.


Brian, Stephanie and Colby said...

I am so excited for you guys!!! We're praying like crazy that everything will go well. Keep updating.

amber perrodin said...

yay! im so happy that things are going well for you!! thats kind of funny that you have an aversion to meat...enjoy this silly quirk of pregnancy, because its one of the things that youll talk about forever and eventually [and awkwardly] miss at some point in your life. and the whole sleep thing you can just toss out the window for the next 2 years!

i love you!! have fun with this, because we all know that you deserve it!!!