a subchorionic hemorrhage

after speaking with my doc in hawaii today, he advised me that i should go to the er and get a rhogam shot. though i had 3 days to get this done, we opted for "the sooner the better approach".
it's now 2:03AM and we were at the hospital for a little over 5 hours. blerg. while i was there the random very light pink changed to a darkish brownish color. which the doc at the er described as "normal discharge color". whatever that means!
now for the news. i apparently have what could be a small subchorionic hemorrhage adjacent to the fleck's sac. the good news is that this effects many pregnancies, and the rate of miscarriage is lower in younger mothers, and is lower the smaller it is. the radiologist defined it as "a very small hypoechoic focus".
i also got to see the heartbeat. wow. i'm always so amazed by god's handiwork. the way we are made is so amazing. and even at 6 weeks 4 days (which is what they've measured the fleck at) there's a little heart beating... to say that's not a life is a tragedy. i definitely got to experience the fleck in a new way- seeing that little flicker is such a great moment. so i guess that's the good part.
the bad part is, of course, that this hemorrhage does increase our risk of miscarraige by it's very existance. due to the fact that obviously there was some sort of bleed i had to get one of those really fabulous rhogam shots after all.
for treatment i've been put on bedrest, and pelvic rest. also, told to avoid constipation. (who knew?) not to take aspirin... which i'm definitely taking... because i have to. so... it's in god's hands at this point. please pray for the fleck's safety and health.
on a side note my boobs are still sore, and i'm still feeling quesy. good signs!
i thought i was strong enough to handle another loss... but with it now becoming a real possibility... i'm not feeling so brave. i'm terrified. especially after seeing that little life inside me tonight. watching that little fleck's heart beat... i feel closer, and the fleck feels more real than before. thadd is always a shining beacon of hope. he's my strength when things like this happen... always there for me to lean on and to share his positive outlook. i'm a very lucky woman.
i'm going to update my hawaii doc on the latest updates tomorrow.
i also hope to have a picture of the most recent ultrasound up in the next few days.

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