so... jan 9th was my first day to have real morning sickness. what an experience. i had forgotten how utterly disgusting it is. :/
even crackers made me gag. i was able to keep down some plain popcorn... and then i decided to just try and sleep it off. it worked!!! when i woke up i was starving and ate a bowl of chili with extra spice... it was perfect.
when i was pregnant with max i was laid up in bed for almost 4 months. throwing up every time i even stood up i was running to the bathroom to puke. it was definitely not fun.
this time around, so far, seems to be a little more manageable... most of my sickness has come from smells.
i can smell things from like 500ft away. i've been given a magical pregnancy nose. its a bit of a curse.

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Kathy Zumwalt said...

Charla, congratulations to you and your bionic nose! I hope you are able to handle the morning sickness this time around. I havne't read any further in your blog, yet, to find out. I just wanted to let you know you will be in our prayers! I know (to some extent) the anxiety you must be feeling and that's hard to enjoy a pregnancy with that in your head. God has not given you a spirit of fear! May you have His peace throughout this season.

Many blessings!