a little peace of mind

i haven't had any spotting for another day! what answered prayers! thanks to you all for the prayers that have been said for us... we appreciate you so much.
i'm having MAJOR morning(really anytime, triggered by smells) sickness now. woo-hoo! gotta love the magical nose. tonight i almost puked at dinner when i got my steak. i could smell the blood! i think the fleck might be pushing me to a vegetarian diet! i'm craving veggies and fruits like crazy.
i've also started the wonderful process of not sleeping at night. one of my favorite parts of pregnancy.... insomnia. i'm exhausted and can't sleep a wink. then when i get to sleep i have to get up and pee. (which is caused by hormones at this stage, considering that the fleck is still just, well, a large fleck.) and then just about the time i get to sleep from my wee hour of the morning pee, i get woken up by my dear husband... who is, alas, a morning person. if i ever was a NOT a morning person, it's when i'm nauseated and can't eat all day, then laying in bed with a racing mind all night!
but my husband has been really wonderful. my last pregnancy really tempered him to the weirdness that comes with all the side effects. (luckily i'm a really sweet pregnant lady. he says he'd like to keep me pregnant all the time.) he's been so supportive of the nausea and headaches, and sleepiness and cravings and scatterbrained-ness... now, if i could just get him to sleep in!


mama-lama-ding-dong said...

Yay for happy pregnant women! Keep on keepin on, mama.
<3 you so much!

josey wagner said...

i think your having a boy