the first visit

so... after finding that i was pregnant, i was put on blood thinners immediately, and told to come back to the walk in ob clinic on the following monday.
i take a shot of lovenox in my stomach daily, along with a baby aspirin. let me tell you... my belly looks like a pin cushion! luckily, my husband gives me the shots. i'm waaay too freaked out to give them to myself. (though i have before, and could again in a pinch.)
at my first appointment, on 12.29 (which also happens to be my birthday), we learned a little more about what to expect this time around. it seems we'll be getting quite a bit of attention. i will have weekly ultrasounds and blood work, with almost daily fetal monitoring toward the end of the pregnancy.
they took some blood and found that all the tests were exactly as they expected.
at this appointment they went ahead and did the first ultrasound, to check and see that everything was where it should be. which is where the term "fleck" comes from. when i first saw max, he was a bean... so we endearingly referred to him as "the bean". well, baby, you are "the fleck". not quite as cute, but it definitely fit the tiny dot in my uterus!
so, when we return home from our vacation, at the end of the month, we will have another ultrasound and round of blood work. we'll keep you posted!

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