march 18- boogie board meets belly

i had a little scare today while enjoying some beach fun. i had never successfully boogie boarded before. (and by that i guess i mean "caught a wave".) so, after living in hawaii for a year i decided to figure out exactly what people were doing that was fun.
alicia and i had a great time.. catching many, many waves- and it was SOOO fun!
one time the board tipped forward, planting itself in the sand, and the wave took me right over it, hitting my belly right on the stationary board.(leave it to me to get injured on a boogie board!)
i freaked out a little. my belly was sore for a while... but i still felt random kicks (which is all i've felt so far)... so everything is probably ok.
i have an appointment this week, so i'll be double checking with my doctor to make sure everything is good.


Anonymous said...

Daredevil Charla...be careful girlie! I miss you bunches!


girl said...

when i was explaining to my doc what happened she was a little aghast. :) she thought i'd been surfing!
haha... i explained to her that it's merely controlled floating on a little foam board...
she still said to nix it. :)
apparently i'm too clumsy to be trusted.