march 29- 18 weeks

the maternity pants that fit me a few weeks ago are already painfully small. :/ and sitting with my legs up is pretty much out of the question... it's a little crowded in there already. at 18weeks i'm already bigger than i was with max at 21.


Laura said...

Awww, cute belly pic, Charla. And are those the girls I see there? The double Q's or whatever you are now? :) Love you!

Anonymous said...

awww hcar your soo big! i love you and miss that lil apt. of yours!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful! Just so you know Joni, Jana and Beth are all keeping up with your blog and have been all along. My prayers are with you baby. I know Lucy is just as beautiful as HER Mommy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Char,
I love it. I check here pretty much daily to see how you are. I am really looking forward to the arrival of our newest member to the family. Keep your feet up and make Thadd do everything!! :) You keep doing the fantastic job creating a wonderful environment for that baby to grow and be healthy in. You are going to be such a fantastic mommy to one very lucky little baby. Wish we could see yall Memorial Day. Maybe next year that will be possible. I love you and think about you daily.
PS. What is this Lucy thing about Carla?

girl said...

haha.. thanks guys! laura- i'm getting closer to the I bra everyday! (hopefully i won't make it to Q... i'm thinking i'll top out around J's or K's. :)
jana- we'll be in DC next memorial day- maybe you guys could all come and see us! :)
lucy is one of the girl names that we're talking about... though, in a few more weeks we'll have to have something nailed down. we're just waiting to find out the sex.