march 3- i'm fine. and how are you?

here's an update on how i'm doing.. since i know how much you care!

----i still have bo. really, really bad bo. i'm sticking to my antibacterial soap, followed by immediate deodorization... it's working.. sorta.
----smells are really the only thing that sets off nausea at this point. whew! i'm so happy to be past the ickiness phase!
----my hair seems to be falling out in clumps. :/ the thick luscious hair of my high school days is long gone. (as though i didn't lose enough in my last pregnancies.. i'm losing more now. i guess this is a recurrent thing.)
----i'm still a little sleepy. but overall i have SO much more energy! thadd and i started a new bike riding plan... hopefully we'll get out of the house more, and i'll get a little more exercise that i have been. (read: anything is more than none.)
----i'm winded just walking up the stairs. not tired, or near muscle failure or anything, just breathing heavy. i guess it's all the extra blood.
----about a week ago i started getting some lower abdominal pains. they aren't cramps. but i'm not sure what they are. i had ligament pain with max, but it wasn't until i was about 19 or 20 weeks. (and to be honest i don't remember exactly what it felt like.) i did read on whattoexpect.com that you can expect to start having ligament pain around weeks 14-15.. which is where i am. so i'm hoping that's all it is. (whatever it is, it seems to be worse when i need to pee.)
----the frequent urination is mostly gone- yay! (for a little while anyway)
----no kicks yet... but maybe some flutters. i'm still undecided.
----the pooch seems to be getting more pronounced everyday! it's like i wake up in the morning and go- "wow, i don't think i was that big yesterday". in fact i was a little worried about it. (i guess most all pregnant women have the fear that they're becoming a fatty.) but i haven't gained any weight. (that i know of yet- my appointment's on friday.) it is getting harder to do my shots since my belly is stretching a bit. (it's much easier to give shots when there's a nice chunk of fat to grab onto and stick. sorry, i guess that might be gross.)
----my dizziness seems to be a little better too. i'm hoping that it's nothing too serious, and that my body finally figured out how to share blood with my brain AND the baby.
----the headaches are coming more frequently though. eek! like, almost everyday i wake up with at least a little one. i think that, like morning sickness, it's probably hormonal since it's occurring the same time everyday. i've been drinking TONS of water... and taking meds when i have to... but they don't usually last past early afternoon.
----i have a poo confession: i'm having diarrhea everyday! at least once! still! icky.... but i suppose it beats constipation. (am i right?) i'm just REALLY trying with all my might to not get hemorrhoids. those SUCK!
----and finally, the forgetfulness. its really been going full force for about 3 weeks now. i can't remember nouns for the life of me! the other day, for instance, i was trying to tell a story and couldn't think of the word 'turnpike'. "it's a road. that you pay to go on. oklahoma has them. they have high speed limits. there's a tollbooth." haha.. it's really funny. thadd and i are actually getting a kick out of this one. it's like being in a permanent game of password with me. :)

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