march 12- not too much new news

still no word on my labs. my next appointment isn't until the 20th. so... i'm just anxiously awaiting that appointment. i'm thinking of buying a doppler. anyone had any good luck/bad luck with these? i'm going CRAZY not being able to check on the baby regularly. :/ my next ultrasound appointment won't be until probably the first week in april.
i'm going to put up a picture of my 38I bra. (it came in the mail... and it's a size too big... only a size- but you should see it!!! it's hilarious! thadd just laughed and laughed when i held it up... but then when it almost fit- he was sorta in shock!) i'm going to hang onto it- i'm sure i'll grow into it before too long!
i pretty much can't watch tv at all anymore. i just cry and cry... everything is either so happy or so sad.

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**The Allisons!** said...

I have got to see a pic of this 38I bra!!! :)

I think you're having a girl. Of course, I have a 50% chance of being right, but still ... That's what I think!! :)

Love you!