march 5- out like a light

so, last night, after going to pick up thadd from work about 930 i got severely dizzy. as i was walking up the stairs to get to our apartment i actually fell down to keep from passing out. (if that makes any sense at all.) and he helped me in the house, then as i was almost to the couch- BAM- passed clean out. luckily, my husband is a beau hunk and can keep me from face planting into the floor.
the severe dizziness continued until i went to sleep. (about an hour and half later.)
when i laid down in bed, and was still dizzy, i decided to take my blood pressure. it was about 100/52. thadd assured me that this is really a healthy blood pressure. but i was concerned because i've been taking it almost everyday for the past few weeks and it had been at LEAST 120-130s/70s.. so the 100/52 freaked me out.
my appointment is on friday. we'll see what the doc says.

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girl said...

i almost passed out again today. so i called the nurse. she checked with the doc and they said it's probably just normal pregnancy stuff. (and since i have an appt tomorrow they weren't too worried.)