march 31- i think i'm splitting in half

did you have pelvic pain during pregnancy? from what i've read it's predominantly in the 3rd trimester that most women have experienced it. (from my really adept google research!) it feels like someone is jamming an icepick up in my crotch area... splitting me into two nice pieces. i have found a few women who had it around 20 weeks... so i'm just wondering what you think about this topic. sometimes it starts when i'm walking, sometimes when i'm sitting or laying down... it doesn't seem to go away with rest or exercise. i'm baffled. it started about a week ago. i guess i should just enjoy it as another sign that, yes charla- you are pregnant! i had a bit of crampy feeling last week too, (of the "i ate a burrito, uh-oh!" variety, not the menstrual type). they weren't at the same time, so i'm assuming it's unrelated.
i have a dr. appt on friday... so i'll see what she says about it then.
(just for the record: i'm freakin' amazed at this yoga woman... can you believe that?)


Meagan Cooke said...

I thought that yoga woman was you!! I wish I could do yoga...
~Meagan C.

girl said...

haha... noooo... definitely NOT me! i couldn't do that pre-pregnancy, or now, and certainly not at 7 or 8 months.. that chick was all over the place. i picked the photo where she was doing the splits, but she was like standing on her head in some of them. :)