april 9- confession:

i officially found the awkward hair a few days ago. it was in what could be considered the "beard zone"... if i were a man. :/ i actually pulled it out... gasped at its amazing length... then had to show thadd. this immediately sent me to the mirror to do a hair check in my "beard zone". i was aghast to find that it, unfortunately, wasn't alone. it had many friends.
so what's a girl to do when she's got long, bright blond, peach fuzz in her "beard zone"? shave it off-of course! (trust me, it seemed like a good idea at the time.) i busted out thadd's gillette fusion and went to town. (i didn't lower myself to actually lathering up with shaving cream.. don't worry.)
it fixed the immediate problem. (and incidentally it left my skin feeling silky smooth.) it does leave me in a slight predicament though... am i going to make this a routine?


Laura said...

OMG Charla. I have these too! They are so embarrassing! I got my first one when I was like 21ish, I think. Then after I got pregnant with Ky, they kept coming. So - welcome to my club. I have to get tweezers out every other week and check my "beard zone" too. It's embarrassing when you find a super long one! Occasionally, I even find a dark one, but most of the time they're blonde!!! .... Maybe you'll get lucky and yours will stay a pregnancy thing and then go away. No such luck for me, I think I inherited them from Grandma.

Laura said...

AND NEVER SHAVE IT!!!! Only pluck them or use a hair-off-mitten thingy. If you shave it, you'll be shaving darker and thicker hairs the rest of your life!! Just FYI ...

girl said...

haha... yeah... i read that it was a myth that shaving makes hairs grow in darker... that for that to happen the follicle has to actually be affected and that shaving can't do that. (but i've always heard that it does!)
i have to say- i really just did a once over, not a "close shave"... i'm way to lazy to pluck. i'll have to get one of those "female trimmers" or something! hehe..
i haven't had any real beard-like hairs since! yay!
(but i'm sure they'll be there!. with max i got a really long one on my back! weird!!!!)