april 26- belly kwan do

these kicks are getting pretty powerful! i guess she's not big enough to be cramped yet- so she's really going to town doing twirls or something in there. it just really started picking up the last few days. my belly has actually started moving a little bit randomly... i know there's definitely more of that to come!
i'm super excited to be able to share this with thadd though... he really lights up when he gets to feel good solid kicks... which makes it not so unbearable for me... until he loses interest... and goes to sleep... and i'm still getting kicked in the bladder.... then it's not as cool.... :)

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Laura said...

Hee hee! Just wait Charla! In the month or so right before delivery, Wren's kicking and squirming will be SO strong that sometimes you will LEAK a little!! (Start wearing LightDays!) Towards the end of both of my pregnancies, when Matt and I were laying in bed at night, we could feel the entire BED move from the strength of our little girls moving around in my belly. So .. yeah. :) Enjoy! I can't wait to meet Wren! Love y'all!