april 5- i'm sure you're dying for an update

my appointment on friday went well. here's the stuff:

bp was good
weight +1lb
baby morris heartbeat doing good
fundal height -1u (i think that's what she said)

my blood didn't come back as thin as they'd like, so she sent in a change on my shots. now i'll be giving myself 2 per day at 30 iu each. (instead of 1 at 40iu) yay for more shots. i mentioned again that it seems to REALLY be hurting lately when i give myself a shot. she basically said that i'm probably turning my belly to hamburger, and that i can feel free to switch to my inner thigh or arm fat. no thanks. i'll stick it out for as long as i can grab hold of something on my middle.

my ultrasound is still set for april 16, so stay tuned to see whether it will be a little ms. morris, or little mr. morris.

as far as the imaginary ice pick that has been randomly jabbed into my crotch, (read:pelvic pain), she said that i can tie something around my waist. she suggested possibly a bedsheet. it doesn't always work for everyone, but if it does they can get me a more formal brace/wrap that will in essence hold the pelvis together. yay! i tried it the other day and it was amazing how much relief it gave. the doc said that it isn't normal to have it so early, but its not a bad sign or anything-just different. (like everything else i've had happen to me!)

the anti-d is most likely the result of the rhogam shot i got in jan. she suggested that in an email earlier last week, but confirmed it in the appt. they'll continue to test me until i register a 0 on the test.

i got a pee test. woo-hoo. everything looks fine there. same with all the bloodwork.

my weight is ok. she said she's not concerned that i'm not gaining much weight.... for my size i can safely gain about 15 pounds on the low side, 30 or so on the high side, before they would worry. it is just odd though, because i've been eating like a heifer. (i have a RAVENOUS appetite now...) i honestly have no idea how i haven't gained 30 lbs already. i brace for it every time i step on the scale!

the kicks are getting more pronounced, particularly after i eat. this kid likes some food... the spicier the better!

the doc did mention "wow, you're really showing now!" when she was taking the heartbeat. i realized this before she told me, since nothing i own fits... including the maternity clothes.

i'll be posting a few more interesting topics in the next day or so.. but for now... i'm exhausted!!!! off to nap.


Katrina Rey said...

Hi Lady,

I miss you! Email me some time.


Laura said...

Hooray!! Everything sounds like it's going so well, Charla. I'm really excited for you guys. We're going to continue to keep you, Thadd, and baby (I think GIRL) Morris in our prayers.

Feeling the kicks is the most beautiful part of pregnancy, to me. You get your own private interaction with your baby before anyone else gets to touch him/her.

As for gaining weight, I didn't start gaining with Maezie until I was 18 or 19 weeks along either. Then I gained like 20 pounds over the next 20 weeks, so ... :)

I'm sorry you're having to do more shots. UGH.

And have fun wearing your brace! I know I had that feeling with Kyleigh (but not Maezie)and just using even your arms to hold your belly up seems to give so much relief!!

I love you girl! Keep on truckin'! You're doing great!