april 27- a blog i stole from someone

this really hit home... hope you enjoy it!


I need to publicly apologize to every woman who has ever been pregnant since the dawn of time.

We have mocked you. DH and I. Relentlessly. What’s with the sweatpants? Why are you waddling? Stop touching your belly like it is precious!

I’m sorry. I’m not waddling yet but I always thought it was just laziness that made pregnant women waddle. Now I know that your hips feel like they are an extra 10 inches apart and you have a log between your knees. I have to feel like I’m walking pigeon-toed to be walking normal! And your hips just hurt. They are definitely moving around and just don’t seem to sit right anymore. And, I’m not even big yet!

My belly is precious! I love touching it. It is like stroking my baby and sending her waves of love from my hand inside. It isn’t to get attention from anyone but my baby.

Sweatpants…ok I still think this is terrible. Wearing sweatpants in public if you aren’t going to the gym should be punishable by 5 years community service. Seriously, there is no reason not to look good when you are pregnant. There are lots of elastic waist pants that aren’t sweatpants - get some! Sweatpants are for home and gym - that’s it!

That brings me to another pet peeve. I hate when pregnant women say “oh, I’m so fat. I look so ugly. My husband must be so turned off.” SHUT UP. You aren’t fat, you are building a human being. Remember those layers of fat are gifts from Heaven to ensure your survival and that of your baby. You don’t look ugly, you look pregnant. A belly huge with life is more beautiful than a flat belly full of celery and diet coke. If your husband thinks you look ugly then he is a jerk. I’m sorry, pure and simple. Your husband should be enamored of your beautiful body and the amazing miracle it is producing. Seriously, if your husband is that callous of a person are you sure you want him to father your daughters? What you think about effects how you feel and what you do. So, shut up and stop saying you are fat.

I am the culmination and continuation of centuries of motherhood. I am nature at its best. Round and lush and beaming with the miracle of life. You are too. Don’t forget it.

Even when you waddle.


Kathy said...

Are you kidding? Sweat pants are my dress-up attire! How 'bout PJ's, are they acceptable? The sweat pants should not have elastic around the ankles and say ARMY or NAVY down the leg, but you may feel differently about a comfy pair of yoga pants by the time sweet Wren makes her appearance! :)
I always thought the touching the belly thing was very weird until I became pregnant and realized there is something very autonomic about touching the belly--you just can't stop it. I'll be curious to hear how you feel about others touching the belly--like random people at the mini-mart and such. Now that's a little weird!

girl said...

the really ironic part is that i wore sweatpants today. they were cute ones though! with a cute shirt. :)
but i get her point... being pregnant isn't any reason to stop trying to be beautiful. (not that i try very hard at anytime!) but when i'm not looking cute i just feel more fat and ugly... and i think all pregnant women can do with less of a "frumpy" feeling.
i'm totally a "touch my belly!" girl. if it wasn't weird i'd ask complete strangers to do it. i might change my mind when they do it without my consent though- it hasn't happened yet... i'll keep you guys posted! :)

Meghan said...

I HATED ppl touching my belly w/o asking--that was definitely my least favorite part of being pregnant! If they'd just ask, that's one thing (or if it's someone I know well)...but to just touch all over my belly--no thanks! I always thought I would be able to resist "the waddle"...but I couldn't help it towards the end. Gotta love those hormones that make your hips start to shift apart (I'm still waiting for them to go back in place!)

Love the new look of your blog btw--so girly : )