april 26- it's been a while since we had an awkward discussion

so i thought i would blog today about bowel movements. having worked at a colon and rectal clinic i have a great knowledge and understanding of the waste disposal process, and problems that can arise in those areas. ( you wouldn't believe what people tell the RECEPTIONIST!)
this topic is mostly amusing to me because no one really has conversations about their bowels. (no one under 65 anyway...) and no one addresses bowel health before it becomes an issue. yes, we all have bowels, and most of us, at one time or another have had a problem that we were too embarrassed to talk about. am i right?
well, i have a bowel health issue... and i'm here to discuss it. (though, if you talk to me about it in person i have full deniability of this post. :)
i have had diarrhea for the past 22 weeks. yipee! let me tell you... i thought hemorrhoids from constipation were bad- and they are- but these are ranking right up there with those! with max i think i went to the bathroom like twice in 20 weeks. now i'm painfully regular. it's a WEIRD experience! and most everyone i talk to had/has the whole constipation issue, and is really clueless about this. of course, the answer from my doc is,"that can be normal"... just like every other symptom i have! it's just different for everyone i suppose. apparently with a boy i'll be stopped up and miserable, and with a girl i'll be running for the nearest restroom! haha! (i wonder how accurate that test will be?)
if i had to pick... (as if i have a choice in the matter)... i would pick this problem over the opposite one.... at least i don't feel any more bloated than i have to- what, with all the extra stuff crammed into my abdomen by the end of this: 7lb baby, 2lb placenta, 2lb amniotic fluid, 2lb uterus, 5lb blood, 4lb fluids, 7lbs just plain fatness.... i suppose those numbers are on the low end... the fattiness rate is at a risk to go up a bit. :)
and here's a cartoon to make light of a heavy situation:

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Kathy said...

Get you some good probiotics! You'll be amazed how much it will help. I'll even send you some good kefir grains if you'd like. Yeah, I hadn't made a weird comment in a while, either.