not me

i certainly haven't been using puffs as entertainment for wren the past few weeks. (she's not very good at eating them yet, so if i was to put them in front of her all the time, it would keep her busy for at least a good 15 minutes... if i did that she would at least be getting pretty good at her "puff grasp" by now...)

i would absolutely never forget to pack warm clothes (it's spring ya'll!) and happen to find one outfit in the trunk for the 50-60 degree weather... then proceed to have her wear that outfit even after she had a wet diaper leak in it the day before. (IF i did that i would have definitely at least dried the pee pants in the drier.)

i didn't proceed to make a 5 hour trip (which is 6-7 hours for those of you unable to translate that into "10-month-old-babytime") during the middle of the day with the knowledge that my daughter is "such a good traveler" only to find that in reality she is "such a good sleeper" since all of our other recent long trips have been in the evening/nighttime... that would be just plain silly.

not me.

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Ashley Hoff said...

That is too funny! Of course you've never done any of those things...;)