from... a month ago! :)
i need to get in touch with "ME" on blogger, who signed as "mommy to two angel babies" and told this story about nurse ann:
my favorite nurse was Ann, we had a horrible pregnancy and spent 11 weeks in a high risk pregnancy unit only to deliver twins at 27 weeks weighing 15 ounces and 1 pound 3 ounces. Three days after delivery my little one died from infection and Ann was there every step of the way. We were in a hospital not allowing children, even siblings in the nicu because of h1n1 and Ann would schedule her breaks to stay in the lobby with my other children so I could be in the nicu. She attended our little ones funeral and was there every step of the way for the surviving twin. 105 days after we came home and Ann continued to call and stop by to see our son. He lost his battle and earned his wings two days before his first birthday and Ann still calls. She went above and beyond in my opinion.

i need to mail out a gift certificate and tote bag to nurse ann. she showed amazing compassion, a friendly spirit, and a loving heart... and i think this story resonated with everyone. ann is a rockstar nicu nurse... and a good friend.

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