those of you who know me from facebook or message boards have probably already heard... a sweet little boy got his wings yesterday. 

when i was thinking about what to write... what could i say?  the survivor's guilt... the heartbreak for that family.... the terror that i went to wal-mart yesterday and didn't bring the shopping cart cover? things like this hit so close to home and are a wake up call for all of us preemie parents. we can't let ourselves "just not worry about it", we can't live by the "it's good for their immune systems" mantra (which i would normally wholeheartedly embrace), every single exposure to illness could lead to an infection that could claim the life of our little one. i know people think we're overprotective... germaphobes, crazy parents, but this is the reality we live in every day.

thadd and i have both shed tears over justice, his life, his fight, and his departure from this world... we can't even imagine what the blakey family is going through right now. i think my friend over at [fertile hope] says it best, so i'll just quote her:

Prematurity claimed another victim today
Justice was a 27 weeker with chronic lung disease who fought through a terrifying case of RSV this past winter. He recently contracted a lung infection and the combination of those things overwhelmed him today. He was a fighter through and through, and battled long and hard. But he was 20 months old and had endured more than many people do in a lifetime. 
Tonight he breathes freely and rests peacefully amongst the angels. Please give the family your thoughts, prayers and condolences. 
And hug your children a little closer tonight. I know I am.

thanks trish, for putting it so beautifully. 

please remember this family in your thoughts and prayers. if you're interested in donating to the family please let me know and i will send you the link. 


Little M and Baby G said...

Oh my. This is heartbreaking and a sad reminder that the preemie road is long.
I'm hugging Greyson a little tighter and saying thank-you for every precious day.

Jeannie, Jane, Angel, Mommy, etc.. said...

We will be thinking of their family.

vickiandrandyrossart said...

I love Trish's description about breathing freely and resting peacefully amongst the angels. Phrase is so perfect and resonates with me.