early intervention evaluation

[here] is the original post on early intervention... a little about the oklahoma ei program.
[here] is the post telling about how she did on the tests, and that she didn't qualify for ei.

these are some of the things they tested her

beating one object against another

holding two objects, and beating them together or on another object

she watched the lady hide the bell under the cup, and had to get it out

oh yeah... there's the bell!

realizing when she shook the bell it would ring, and repeating

don't mind all the crap under my coffee table please. :)

belly time... and rolling back to belly.. she just *loves* it

she was supposed to go for the bell

she wants it, but doesn't know how to get it.

is she interested in objects she holds, does she investigate them?

why, yes, yes she does... and she also eats them

here's a "crawling help"... playtime on the knees

her knees have to be aligned under her hips to strengthen the right muscles

not "frogging out" like this

this is the correct way. you can have them play on a step, over your body, or leg, on the bumbo as above... etc.

here we are trying out some "step time"... she tolerates it better than belly time... but gets mad when she slides down or rolls  off. :) 

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Jeannie, Jane, Angel, Mommy, etc.. said...

Thanks for documenting this. I think that the crawling help pictures might help me with my little mouse. She isn't a premie, but she doesn't quite "get" how to get her knees up underneath her.