i would never....

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

i stinkin' love not me mondays.... it gives me a chance to get all the things i didn't do off my chest... all the things i don't think about... all the things i would never consider.... whew. i'm glad i'm waaaaay too perfect to ever do any of these things.

i never catch myself giving the little bird commands... commands that we use for the dog. NEVER. "stay!" "leave it!" (i'm sure when she's crawling/walking we'll have even more things we'd never say- "sit" or "come".)

i would never even consider using baby wipes if i found, after going to the bathroom, that i was out of toilet paper. that would be... just... unseemly. (and way too embarrassing to ever share.)

i don't find myself secretly longing for the days when you could leave your baby in the car while you "just ran in" to a store, dropped off some mail, forgot your purse inside, or need to pay for gas. it is just way too irresponsible... i would never even think about it.


i do not. ever. walk away from binkies when we drop them in public. that would be like littering wouldn't it? it's not like i can put it back in her mouth... it's not like i have a million more at home.... i never leave them sitting there without more than a second thought.

everyone grab the graphic and list all the things you've never done! :)


Justine said...

I nannied for two girls just recently, the youngest was only 3 months when I started and the older one was 18 months, and I would feel guilty even leaving them in the car when if I had to run back into the house real fast if I forgot something, even though I knew it was fine, I was afraid I would get arrested for child endangerment or something... Haha

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Your Wren is gorgeous!! How old is she?

Kristen said...

Dog commands...classic! I definitely do NOT use those commands on my high school students lol ;-).

Thanks for your comment!

insockmonkeyslippers said...

I have "never" done any of these things... lol! Good post