it's all mim's fault

wren had her first cheeto... she'd better not get used to that....




once she had a hold of it you couldn't pry it away from her! 

to counteract the 2 cheese puffs she had to do 15 minutes of belly time, a goat's milk cleanse, and eat a handful of kale/spinach veggie puffs. :)


meb62 said...

And how many did you have? ;)

wrensmommy said...

i'm a crunchy only girl. :) none of those dissolvable ones. hehe..

wrensmommy said...
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Kristen said...

Oh grandparents! We don't have a kiddo yet, but my parents are already baaad about giving the "grandpups" food they're not supposed to have...namely, anything people eat!