preemie comic??

this is such a great thing! i'm so glad that someone thought to do this....what a story!
the author, scott,  writes...

During these dark days I was completely barraged with questions from friends and co-workers. They asked, "How are you? How's Morgan? How's your wife?" I could never tell them the truth. It's not that I didn't want to. It just hurt too much to say, "My son is in the hospital and he may not make it through the day." 

What I found myself doing after Morgan was born turned out to be an art journal. Everything I couldn't say to my peers began finding its way into my comic strip. I found it therapeutic. No matter what happened to him I wanted people to know his story. I knew that I loved that little guy and I would do anything to protect him. It made me realize I was a superhero just like all the other parents in the world."

one of the preemie mom blogs i read is doing a giveaway... check it out!

the preemie experience: giveaway!

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Scott said...

Thanks for posting a link to my comic. It means a lot.

Thanks again!