the cordless birdie

wren has been without oxygen, completely, for a week!

every now and then i get worried, thinking she looks a little off, or is maybe breathing too hard or something.. sure enough.. her respirations are always less than 60 (which is the measure for too much stress on her lungs), and her sats are consistently 99-100 when awake. when she's sleeping they often drop to about 97... but are always bouncing around there somewhere between 97-100.
in other news... i have become the crazy mom that i swore i would never be after reading "how to raise a healthy child in spite of your doctor". (which by the way, i recommend to EVERY mother.) anyway, wren threw up yesterday.. not just spit up, but projectile threw up. ick, i know, i was there. then she threw up again last night late, but not as much. and she's also developed a cough.. just a little one.. not sickly sounding or anything. and her little personality hasn't been effected at all. she's perfectly happy and normal, not acting sick in the least. but, i called the doctor anyway. we already have an appointment for synagis tomorrow, so the pedi is just going to see us then. i know, i know.. it's probably nothing... just teething or something.. but, i'm a new mommy & a preemie mommy- and therefore allowed to be the tiniest bit neurotic. right?

as far as teething goes.. i wish it would go away! the little bird hasn't slept through the night consistently for the past week!! ugh!!! she wakes up every few hours and whines a little. thank the Good Lord for those homeopathic teething tablets. and thank the Good Lord that they are homeopathic too- otherwise i think she'd have OD'd on them by now! she doesn't really like the teething rings too much.. preferring instead to chomp on her fingers or blankets or clothes. i'm thinking about a ringley. but i suppose it's foolish to think she'd take to that when her hands/clothes are already working so well! we've got a sophie coming soon- she has been highly acclaimed- we'll see if she can work some magic!
she also takes her binky out, turns it sideways, and teethes on it.

absolutely adorable.


amber perrodin said...

CONGRATS!! I know this must be equally exciting and strange. She's growing so beautifully!

Mon said...

One week off oxygen, wow!! CONGRATS WREN!