almost done with synagis

last wednesday was almost the last shot of the season. they're thinking one more will do it. she also had a bit of a cough... so i went all "over reacting weirdo mom" and asked them to have the doc see her too while we were there for the shot. she apparently has just a little cold. her lungs were clear and she sounded ok... so they said to just watch for increased fever, coughing, lung issues... etc. i'm using the xopenex about once a day if she sounds congested- which is what the pulm said to do for the first year or so- they said to go ahead and keep that up.

she's been teething, so she's got a TON of drool.. like 3 outfits a day worth of drool. she hasn't been sleeping through
the night for a week or two now.. read: tired momma, cranky baby. i've been using the teething tablets pretty regularly. ok... all the time. and have considered using motrin- i guess i will use it if it gets any worse. she's not quite coordinated enough to use teethers very effectively. she can't seem to get them right where she wants them. so, it's mainly a chew on fingers, bibs, clothes and blankets type of teething right now. we've done the teething biscuits a few times, and she does seem to like those... i'm hoping this doesn't last forever. it can't last forever- right?

at that appointment she was 12lbs 15oz! that's 13 for those of us that are less picky. she has a developmental pediatrician appointment tomorrow- hopefully it will go well. *crossing fingers*


Mon said...

Hooray for almost being done with Synagis!!!

Meghan said...

I'm going to sound like the most irresponsible mother ever--but when Caden's cutting teeth I let him chew on the "dropper handle" end of the tylenol or multivitamin bottle--it's easy for him to hold on to, and the "squishiness" of the handle is the perfect texture for his gums (I only let him chew on the bottles that have the child lock). The handles have a little more give than the teething rings.